Anonymous Letter to MLK



This letter, signed "A Malaysian Citizen," expresses the author's hatred of African Americans. In addition to urging for their genocide, the author states that African Americans ought to be grateful that they are no longer enslaved. The author tasks the recipients of this letter, including Dr. King, Stokely Carmichael, and President Johnson, to circulate it widely in order to express what he claims are the Malaysian views of the 20th century.

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Anonymous Letter to MLK
Monday, July 31, 1967
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[Stamp in red ink received: Aug[ust] 3 1967] [Crossed out text: Rabble Rouser] [Crossed out text 3rd line: Johnson] [Crossed out text 7th line: Ordirty] [Inserted text 8th line :guns] [Inserted above text on 16th line: Or for even]
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