Anonymous Letter to MLK



This note, signed "A white citizen who likes good Negroes," warns that President Johnson is no friend to the Civil Rights Movement, only supporting African American voting rights to earn more votes for his reelection. It is unclear if both sides of this note were written by the same author. Both discuss how they are conscientious objectors, although they object to an integrated society, writing that "[No] high-class, intelligent persons (politicians excepted) will accept the Negro when he has an axe to grind."

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Anonymous Letter to MLK
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[Page 1] We too are conscientious objectors. We object to mixing with Negroes! [Stamp in Red Ink: OCT[ober] 12 1967] Legislation can't make any person accept another socially or on equal basis. High class, intelligent persons (politicians excepted) will not accept the Negro unless he has an ax to grind. In your sing-song speeches- if you would have some one to play." We shall overcome." very softly. It would pul [put?] more zip in your songs you call speeches. over [Page 2] A conscientious object - No decent, all decent, American will not consort with the negro. Why don't u [you] wake up to what Johnson is doing. Getting the Negro vote. So he can stay in office. And too, why not relate to the public what Lincoln really said about the Negroes. After he freed them? John is a slick politician and has his fingers in your eyes. He will fix you- from the horses mouth: "Martin L[uther] King is slipping. The hidden hand in the white house "aint holding you up no more. isnt that sad news. Don't worry slick footed Ivan Allen is still aroud [around]. He may last a little longer than than [sic] LBJx Does he still sing along. "We shall overcome " [Closing Signature: A white citizen who likes good Negroes]
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