A Christian Movement in a Revolutionary Age



In this address, Dr. King fuses the philosophies in the Old and New Testament regarding revolutionary social change. He argues that the most creative and constructive revolutionary force for change is one that combines the Old Testament’s “righteousness and justice that flow down like a mighty stream” with the New Testament’s call to love one’s enemies and bless those who persecute you. He asserts that God has been working actively since the time of Moses for the freedom and perfection of people and society. Dr. King reminds us about the tireless struggles in the South but also warns us about the need for housing and political reform in the North and advocates that the current Christian Movement must realize the importance of political power. This address was authored by Dr. King and given by him many times throughout 1965 and 1966, though Ralph D. Abernathy did use it on occasion.

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A Christian Movement in a Revolutionary Age
Tuesday, September 28, 1965
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