Dedication Page (Edited Draft) for "Why We Can't Wait"


Dr. King drafted this dedication page for his children, in his book, "Why We Can't Wait." Similar to the famous quote in his "I Have A Dream" speech, the dedication hoped that his children "would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

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Dedication Page (Edited Draft) for "Why We Can't Wait"
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[Proofreader's marks: sink 12 1/2 picas] [Proofreader's marks, left margin: 1/14 Caledonia c[apitals] & sm[all]cap[itals] [Proofreader's marks, left margin: set in small capitals with initial caps] [Proofreader's marks, left margin: Center all lines] [Proofreader's marks, set further left: To my children] [C[aps]] [Proofreader's marks, double-underline for set in small caps: YOLANDA [insert en dash] MARTIN III [insert en dash] DEXTER [insert en dash] BERNICE] [Proofreader's marks, set further left: for whom I dream that one day soon] [Proofreader's marks, set further left: they will [proofreader's mark, start a new line] no longer be judged by the] [Proofreader's mark, start a new line: but by the content] [Crossed out: caracters] [Inserted above: character.] V. V1 Blank
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