Dr. King Outlines "If"


Dr. King expounds on the subject "if." He proclaims the word to be primary in the English language.

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Dr. King Outlines "If"
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I [Int?]: I would like to preach from the subject "if: this is a rather strange subject, yet I want you to see that this little word is the biggest word in the English language. It is a door which stands in front of life's finest possibilities. It is an external reminder that you can't skip the [preliminarire?]. 1.You can be a great doctor, 2. a great teacher, 3. a great preacher, 4. a happy marriage 5. Ebenzer can be a great church. If ye are willing and obedient, ye shall eat of the good of the Lord (Is 1:19) II Indeed the [sah...?] of the major problem of our day hangs on a demanding "if". A. World peace and man's survival depend on dealing directly with if. B. The solution of the problem of [ ? ] injustice hangs on a demending if. If the church, the Federal government, if the Negro himself IV Just as "if" is a door that stands in front of life's finest possibilities, in a negative way it is a door which opens on every kind of disaster. When we do not meet this "if" the door slams shut. There is a [hang?] of finality about it. There is no sound which suggest the end quite so powerful as the
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