Dr. King Sermon Outline


The document, shown here, contains an outline for a sermon given by Dr. King. The sermon was entitled, "The Fellow Who Stayed at Home." According, to the outline, Dr. King breaks down two types of sin: Sins of Passion and Sins of Disposition.

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Dr. King Sermon Outline
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"They began to merry" - that is a fitting [climax ?]. The elder brother is a sudden discard, but without him the story would have been untrue to life. The year has its [MS: illegible] storms, that glow of day is followed by the gloom of night. [Underline: The Fellow who stayed at Home] I. He possessed a sort of unattractive goodness that was deeply repulsive. True he stayed at home, did the chores, kept the rules. He wasted no money nor he scarred his soul with dissipation - But he was undesirable nevertheless. He did the right things but in the wrong spirit a. The little girls prayer - Lord, Make all good people nice. b. The solo spoiled by the accompaniment c. My farmer church member d. Homes are often broken by that. "Incompatibility" is the lawyers word for the offensive nagging of people who are smugly moral and piously unbending. God save us from a stuffed -shirt morality. It is not enough to be good; to be Christian we must be good in a nice way. II. He failed to realize that he was commiting [committing] sins as damaging to the soul as the coarser sins of younger brother. There are two types of sin; sins of passions and sins of disposition or sins of the flesh and sins of the spirit. Sins of the flesh would include such things as drunkedness [drunkenness], adultery, stealing, gambling, profanity. Sins of spirit includes sins of envy, jealousy, bad temper, self-centeredness and social callousness "The publicans and the harlots go into heaven before you" III. His spiritual pride drained from his the capacity to love. He could not call his brother in the [MS: scanned paper folded] [Inserted text: on the left margin next to Roman numeral II: The Church has been harder on profanity than on prejudice. It has [illegible] drunkenness more than stinginess. It was unchristian to gamble, but not to own slaves].
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