Edwin B. Allaire's Letter to MLK


Mr. Allaire informs Dr. King that there are many individuals who would vigorously support him in becoming a presidential candidate.

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Edwin B. Allaire's Letter to MLK
Wednesday, April 26, 1967
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[Stamp in Red Ink: APR[il] 27 1967] April 26, 1967 Dear Reverend King: For the past several days I have bee comparing the attached letter. This morning I came across a news story which stated that you have already been mentioned as a possible candidate in 1968. I nevertheless thought it best to send you the enclosed - if only to inform you that there are some who would rigorously support you. In this connection I should perhaps mention that I have discussed the attached letter with a good number of people. All were enthusiastic. Sincerely yours, [Closing Signature: Edwin[?] B Allaine]
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