Dr. King discusses the religious and moral teachings in the biblical book of Esther.

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Esther "Esther", in the words of Dr. P feiffer, "is spirituality on a much lower plane than Daniel and even Judith." Ethical religion [Page 2] has no place in the book, its Character betray no religious aspiration or connections. The Jews distinguish themselves from the heathen only because they have peculiar haves, which, however, they readily disregard [Page 3] when it serves their purpose, so that it becomes easy to conceal their extraction. The moral teaching of the book can be summarized in the following words: Love your [Page 4] kindred, hate your enemies. The back of religious elements and the moral conception totally at variance with those of Jesus may explain why the [Page 5] book was never quoted in the N.T. army the Jews however it was very popular. The general spirit and attitude of the book are [Page 6] far removed from prophetic ideals of the teaching of Jesus. It's religion is a fierce, unethical nationalism
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