The Eternality of God Verses The Temporality of Man


This document is an outline of the sermon titled "The Eternality of God Versus the Temporality of Man." In the first two sections, Dr. King contrasts the time-conditioned nature of man with God, who transcends time. The final portion highlights a significant fact that God is absolute and unchangeable.

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The Eternality of God Verses The Temporality of Man
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[Inserted in Margin: The Eternity of God versus] the eternity of man Text: From everlasting to everlasting thou art God I. Introduction- Man's whole being is conditioned by the category of time. (Time is that term which is used for a changing mode of existence) Every thing that man does is temporally conditioned. (A) His biological development. He is born, grows to adolescence, adulthood, old age and them like a Beethoven decrescendo begins to decline and decline until he fade away into the chambers of death. (B) His intellectual development. If you want to be a doctor it takes time (4 years). If you want to be a teacher it takes time (period of study). If you want to be a mechanic it takes time (period of learning) II On the other hand God is that being who thoroughly transcends time. He is eternal in the sense that he is unchanging identity, "He is the same yesterday, today, and forever." III The most significant thing about this fact of God's eternality is that we worship a God that is absolute and unchangeable. Out ultimate faith rests in a Being who cannot be moved aside by the winds of confusion.
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