Dr. King quotes Lawrence's dissertation on the meaning of events in nature.

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[Page 1] Events Event are what actually happen in nature. "Whatever and whenever something is going on, there is an event." "Nature develops, but the events which comprise nature do not change. They 'pass' i. e. are swallowed up in longer events which extend over [Page 2] then, but they [Underlined:never change]. The 'passage' is extension in the making' where extension refers to [MS:Illegible] [MS:Illegible] extension [Page 3] Events "Events are what actually occur in return. Nature's essential feature is its passage. The ongoing character of nature shall warn us not to try to treat nature simply as a collection of objects related to and [MS:Illegible] from one [MS Crossed:they] another by [motions?], spree-time, and [quantitative?] features, for objects are [MS:Illegible] [Page 4] static things. Both the [MS:Illegible] and the passage of nature need to be accounted for, and this is have by distinguishing between the [objectional?] character and the eventful character of nature." Lawerence, Dissertation , 202 .
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