Executive Orders



Dr. King drafts numerous directives pertaining to the 1964 expenses of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

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Executive Orders
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[Page 1] [Inserted text in margin: Executive Orders 1964] 1. All travel [Crossed out: MS: illegible] by field secretaries for full work will be by automobile, bus or train. Air travel will only be permitted in special situations [Crossed out: 2. all members of administrative staff will] 2. Air travel will be reserved for members of administrative staff for fund raising, [MS:illegible] engagements,, and other basic organizational matters. 3. All members of administrative staff will [MS:illegible] tourist unless a special situation [MS: illegible] otherwise. 4. If members of administrative staff use air travel card for engagement that involves personal honorarium, the organization shall be reimbursed for same. 5. The president will make a careful check of each monthly air lines bill to see where there is unnecessary travel. 6. Any accurate suggestion of expenses shall be worked out for field secretaries, and there must be a monthly accounting of the same. [Page 2] 7. The treasurer shall make a monthly check of each expense account to determine if there is unnecessary waste. 8. The program Director shall get a letter to each field secretary and field worker immediately stating to what over recent bills have been [MS: illegible] and therefore collect call should be made only in cases of absolute emergency. More letters and less calls. 9. For the next several months [Crossed out: the] the telephone bill shall be carefully broken down by some person appointed by Mr. Bayte and the president will scrutinizing go over each bill to seek to ascertain where there are personal unnecessary calls. 10. An memorandum shall be sent to the member of office staff stating that no personal calls are to [be] made on office phone, and that a check is being made to determine if such is being done. 11. All persons with credit cards shall reimburse organization for any personal calls made, and must not allow anyone to [Page 3] [Crossed out: Inserted text in margin: MS: illegible] use card members unless it is personal secretary. 12. No equipment shall be purchased without the final approval of at least two of the following persons: Martin L[uther] King [Jr.], Ralph [David] Abernathy and Wyatt T[ee] Walker. 13. No purchase of more than $100.00 shall be made and no requisition of $100.00 or more shall be drawn up without the prior approval of [Martin Luther] King and/or [Ralph David] Abernathy. 14. No person shall be permanently hired on the field or office staff without the approval of the president. [Crossed out: 15. Each department head] 15. Each member of Executive staff (Walker, Bayte, Vivian, Clayton, Cotton) shall have on the president's desk each Monday morning a summary of their work over the post week. 16. Each member of field staff must submit weekly report in triplicate - a copy [Page 4] [Inserted text in margin: 4] for program director, Executive assistant and president. [Crossed out: MS: illegible] 17. No commitment [Crossed out: MS: illegible] [Inserted text: above 'be': shall] be made by any single person when there is a requirement for money. The answer should always be that the matter will have to be presented to finance committee. If president is approached he shall say that he will have to present it it [sic] [to the] treasurer. If treasurer is approached he should say that he must present it to [the] president. 18. The financial office shall have on the desk of president and treasurer a detailed weekly report of Income and disbursements each Monday morning. 19.
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