Fleeing From God


Dr. King outlines a sermon entitled "Fleeing From God." King references the biblical scripture Jonah 1:3 as the foundation of his sermon, asserting that one cannot flee from God or His will.

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Fleeing From God
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Fleeing From God [lift?] Jonah 1:3F I Introd[uction] ? Modern man?s quest to flee from God. Tell the story. II Ways modern man has sought to flee [from] God 1. Running to the city of science a. But this [is] not the way (the atomic bomb) 2. Going to the city of pleasure 3. Going to the city of moral relativism [Inserted text: on the left margin of the document next to a line/bracket around all the 3 points in section II: All of this has caused a storm. Whenever man seeks to flee from God a storm develops.] Whenever God places responsibility upon man he cant [can?t] escape it and the more he tries the more frustrated he becomes. Quote the [Psalmist?], ?if [Crossed out: if] I assend [ascend] into the heavens? God?s will is inflexible. Even after Johnah [Jonah] had gone through all of these mishaps, God still stood before Jonah saying [:] Go to Nineveh.
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