God, Man, Sin, and Knowledge



Presented here is a series of notecards that defines an array of topics relating to philosophical and theological perspectives.

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God, Man, Sin, and Knowledge
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[Page #1] [Top Margin: Center: 3] Only individuals capable of military service are counted. [Underlined: Sin] - according to 21:4-6 lack of faith or courage is seen as a deadly sin. 22:20-22 presents a peculiar passage concerning the character of God and [Page #2] [Top Margin: Center: 4] sin. God commands an individual to do something then scorns him for doing it. [Underlined: Individual Ethics] - According to 20: 10-14 (P document0 it is because of the sin of pride that Moses is forbidden to enter the promise land. The E [Page #3] [Top Margin: Center: 5] document gives a contrary view, [by?], that Moses was the meekest of men (Ch 12) [Underlined: Social Ethics] According to 3:38 the foreign who comes near the tabernacle is to be put to death. According to 9:14 the foreign may keep [Page #4] [Top Margin: Center: 6] the passover. According to 16:1-3 and 16:24-33 the death penalty is to be given to a man revolting against Moses. His family was about to killed. According to 21:2,3 God delights in the destruction of all Israel's enemies. [Page #5] [Top Margin: Center: 7] Ritual - Throughout the book there is great stress placed on the fact that Aarm's family must have exclusive priestly rights. [Page #6] [Top Margin: Center: 1] [Right Margin: Underlined: Class Notes] [Underlined: Numbers] Numbers is a composite document with J E and P present. However P dominates. [Underlined: Knowledge] According to 1:1 God speaks directly to Moses. [Page #7] [Top Margin: Center: 2] [Underlined: God] - 23:19 suggests that God does not repent like a man. Also the faithfulness of God is revealed here. [Underlined: Man] - 1:3 gives the impression that men is of value only as military beings.
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