Handwritten Thank You Letter From MLK


Dr. King expresses his gratitude for contributions made to the SCLC, and informs the reader of the results of recent studies regarding illegitimate birth rates among negroes as opposed to whites.

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Handwritten Thank You Letter From MLK
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Dear Mr[Mister]. Havliva, Thank you for your letter and most appreciated contribution of recent date. This will greatly assist the work of the Freedom movement. It is true that illegitimate birth rates are higher among Negroes than Whites as is born out by recent surveys and studies. Consequently, I have often, both publically and privately advocated the wider use of birth control methods in order to reduce the illegitimacy rates and [crossed out Text: its upper] the consequences. [Crossed out Text: it is] It is my hope that [Crossed out Text: the] federal and state governments will begin to appropriate large sums [Crossed out Text: for such purposes] to educate people to the need for such devices. [Crossed out Text: He] My staff and I are grateful for the [Crossed out Text: in] thought and insight in which you have expressed in your suggestions and the time which you took to [crossed out: [solo?] present them to us. [Closing Signature: M[Martin] L[Luther] K [King]
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