Hungry Club Speech



Dr. King speaks on "America's Chief Moral Dilemma." He contends that the dilemma in the world is the result of three major evils: racism, poverty, and war. Dr. King encourages the audience to work toward making America a moral example for the rest of the world.

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Hungry Club Speech
Wednesday, May 10, 1967
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[Page 1] [Inserted text: For in a real [Crossed out: some] we live in a turbulent point of human history] [Crossed out: And there] [Circled: gorganeous [gorgeous?] [Inserted text: gigantic] [Inserted text: skies] [Crossed out thru [Inserted text: through] [Inserted text: stratosphere] [Inserted text: though] [Crossed out: and change [inserted text: in change] [Crossed out: we find that som] [Inserted text: said] [Crossed out: said that] [Inserted text: the [crossed out: eds] ends] [Inserted text: world of] [Crossed out: T] [Underlined: These are the three things that I want to deal with today.] [Inserted text: the] [Crossed out: just [Inserted text: must] [Crossed out: but] [Crossed out: s[much] [Page 2] [Crossed out: am [Inserted text: would] [Crossed out: going [Inserted text: want] [Inserted text: in the south] [Inserted text left margin: costly] [Inserted text: of the] [Inserted text: who still] [Inserted text: [MS: illegible] [Inserted text: now] [Crossed out: summit [Inserted text: submit] [Inserted text: now] [Crossed out: a legal] [Inserted: legal] [Circled: sendrum] [Inserted text: [;] [Inserted text: [,] [Crossed out: and [Inserted text: then] [Corrected: inhumiliation [in humiliation] [Inserted text: decided to] [Inserted text: down] [Crossed out: hold [Inserted text: whole] [Inserted text: [,which] [Crossed out:[Inserted text: [of] [Inserted text: [;] [Page 3] [Inserted text: [;] [Inserted text left margin: [Continue from page 3] [Insert circled text: [BEGIN HERE] [Crossed out: anything][Inserted text: [a penny] [Crossed out: New][Inserted text: [We] [Crossed out: The [Inserted text:Many of the] [Inserted text: [determined] [Page 4] [Crossed out:flow [Inserted text: floor] [Crossed out: to do it for its [Inserted text: [provide merely 40 acres and a mule for her] [Crossed out:where held in [Inserted text: worked and suffered in] [Page 5] [Circled: dimensions.] [Inserted text: even] [Crossed out: suurbaban [Suburban?] [Inserted text: a] [Crossed out: This tells us that we [MS:illegible] still have a long, long way to go. [Crossed out: paragraph] [Crossed out: consistant [Inserted text: Persistent] [Crossed out: Preciousa list [ Inserted text: Pressure less] [Inserted text: just] [Page 6] [Crossed out: you are an Uncle Tom leader.[Inserted text: that you are not telling the whole truth in behalf of your people, that in fact you are an Uncle Tom leader.] [Crossed out:whole paragraph] [Inserted text left margin: Violent strategy for social change police] [Circled: tenacles] [Inserted text: So] [Page 7] [Crossed out: i[n][Inserted text: the] [Crossed out: of [Inserted text: trough] [Corrected: categorized] [Crossed out: trough] [Inserted text: though] [Corrected: we] [Corrected: astounding] [Crossed out: My worry is that we are involved elsewhere. We are consumed with other tragic adventures. I am absolutely convinced that there are persons in our country today more concerned about wining the un winnable war in VN than about winning the war against poverty right here at home. And] [Crossed out: there][Inserted text: there] [Inserted text: annual] [Crossed out: Goldbreaker][Inserted text:Galbraith] [Crossed out: is][Inserted text:are] [Circled: consciousious] [Inserted text: destiny] [Page 8] [Crossed out: destiny. Now I want to deal with][Inserted text:this brings me to] [Crossed out: delimia][Inserted text: dilema] [Circled: exploitation] [Circled: militarism.] [Inserted text: tightly] [Inserted text: the battlefields of that] [Crossed out: I guess the greatest tragedy of that [Inserted text:all] [Crossed out: is] [Inserted text: of all is also is] [Inserted text: really] [Inserted text: major] [Inserted text: [Crossed out: England France &[and] West Germany] [Page 9] [Inserted text left margin: few] [Inserted text: of the Nation] [Crossed out: that][Inserted text: and] [Crossed out: In Chicago the other day a Negro was shot down by a policeman in a clear case of police brutality--nobody got arose about it- it was on page 32 in the morning newspaper [Inserted: and] at the top of the page on 780 VC killed. In the [Inserted text:in] moments of war [Inserted: include, people allow their [Circled: consciencous] [Inserted text: conscience] to go to sleep and this is what has] [Corrected:The] [Circled: animanated] [Crossed out: of][Inserted: from] [Inserted: black men] [Inserted: 1. The war has torn [Page 10] [Inserted: 1. The war has torn up the General [MS:illegible] 2. We have forfeited the support of our allies 3. We have great strengthen the forces of reaction in America and strengthened the military industrial complex 4. The war has diverted attention from civil rights 5. It has [MS: illegible] tensions between races 5A. It has put our nation in the [MS:illegible] of being agist [against] the self determination of a people 6. The arrogance 7. It has exposed to [the] whole world to the risk of nuclear warfare] [Inserted: We spend $ 500,000 to [MS: illegible] kill] [Crossed out: no][Inserted text: one] [Underlined: now these are truths that we need to hear however painful they are. Our nation is moving g down the wrong road-- and I want to say another thing... another casualty of the war in VN is the humility of our nation.] [Circled: messenic] [Crossed out: as I just saidy] [Circled: Rhodesia] [Crossed out: be being ][Inserted text: [Crossed out: in confessing in] in professing to be] [Inserted text: any] [Inserted text: (applause) [Crossed out: all want [Inserted text: [MS:illegible] [Inserted right margin: (applause)] [Inserted text: 100% of] [Inserted text: Applause] [Crossed out: So] [Crossed out: living][Inserted text: live] [Inserted text:and] [Corrected:when] [Page 11] [Inserted text: Applause] [Inserted text: for] [Circled: asurbed][Inserted: absurd] [Inserted text:[Crossed out: Applause] [Circled: miscalculation] [Inserted text: or [ Crossed out: will [MS: illegible] [Page 12] [Inserted: Applause] [Circled: Expediency] [Crossed out: going][Inserted:going] [Inserted text: Applause] [Corrected: T[he]] [Circled: John Oxingham [Inserted text: Oxinham [Oxenham] [Inserted text: man] [Crossed out: from[Inserted: in] [Corrected: righteousness] [Crossed out:
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