I Will Vote For You



Mr. Joe Kozne proclaims allegiance to Dr. King and his political aspirations if George Wallace, the governor of Alabama, runs for presidency.

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I Will Vote For You
Wednesday, April 26, 1967
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[Page 1] Dr. M[artin] L[uther] King: [Inserted Text: adverse] [Stamp in Red Ink: Received APR[il] 28 1967] 4/26/67 If Wallace runs, you ought to run too, I'll vote for you if you run for the Presidency...but only do it if George Wallace runs. I'm a white man, but many white men will vote for you. [Closing Signature: Joe [Kozne?]] [Page 2] Joe [Kozne?] [Crossed Out: 3001] [Crossed Out: MS: illegible] Dr. Martin Luther King Southern Christian Leadership Atlanta, Georgia
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