II Samuel Class Notes



Dr. King outlines the biblical Book of II Samuel by topic.

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II Samuel Class Notes
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[Page 1] [Underline: Class Notes] [Underline: II Samuel] [Underline: God] 22:2 - "The Lord is my rock." This passage reminds us of some of the Psalms. [Page 2] [Underline in top of the margin: 2] [Underline: Man] 12:23 - The passage makes it clear that this is no resurrection for man. 12:22 - [] David says that God rewards him because of his desert. [Page 3] [Underline in the top margin: 3] This is out of accord with the Psalms which sees God's reward as due to his mercy. [Underline: Individual Ethics] 11:27 - This passage reveals that even the King is under God's holy rule. God was displeased with David's treatment [Page 4] [Underline in top of margin :4 ] []. Such ethical standards could be be tolerated by [] one by Israel's God. 12:15 -23 - Here we find an interesting thought about grief. After David discovered that his child had died he cease the grive and went on about [Page 5] [Underline inserted in top margin: 5] his regulars []. He rationally concluded that his child was gone and he could do nothing about it. We must come to see that our minority is to the living and not to the dead. [Page 6] [Underline in top margin: 6] 18:5 - This passage reveals that in all of Abraham's rebellion david still had a fatherly concerned for him. [Underline: Social Justice] 5:2 This passage reveals that the ruler is to be a sheperd [shepherd] helping [Page 7] [Underline in top margin: 7] to sustain the people 12:1-5 presents the true [] of prophecy. Here we find Nathan taking a brave and courageous stand against injustice. Ordinarily one [] have been afraid to speak out against the King, but [Page 8] [Underline in top margin:8] this prophet wasn't. Moreover this story shares a superb use of method on the part of Nathan. Social prophecy requires art and skill, as well as courage. Nathan sought to persuade rather than merely denounce. [Page 9] [Underline in top margin: 9] 19:22 - Have David refuses to follow build methods. 16:1-4 and 19:2-29 - In these passages we find David work out justice in quite a bit of discernment. [Page 10] [Underline in top margin: 10] 23:3-4 - Here we find suggested the need for Godly leaders. [Underline:Ritual] 6:5 reveals that many musical instruments are used in worship. 12:13 -14 reveals that the forgiveness [Page 11] [Underline int top of margin: 11] of sin does not sto the chain of consequence of sin. [Underline: Homiletical Material } 1:20 1:25 5:24 12:7 2:26 - Here the weariness with war is eloquently expressed. [Page 12] [Underline on top of margin: 12] 9:8 - Here we find the popular expression "dead day." 18:33F - Here we find the famous lament of David ober Abraham. 23:15 -17 - Here it is revealed that David had an amazing sensitiveness for [Page 13] [Underline in top margin: 13] those who risked their lives for him.
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