Introduction of MLK



These notes are from an introduction written about Dr. King and presumably delivered before he gave an address. Dr. King, who remains unnamed, is presented as a man whose record precedes him given that his life and work has had so profound an impact upon his time.

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Introduction of MLK
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The task of presenting a man of the great stature of our speaker tonight is at once most dificult and yet quite simple. It is difficult in that no introduction could do justice to a man whose life and work has had so profound an impact upon his time. And yet it is a single task because you are already well acquainted with strature and accomplishment. You already know that is Christian minister born in Atlanta GA[Georgia], a graduate of Morehouse College, Crozier Theological Seminary and that he holds the Ph.D. Degreee for Boston Universary. You already know him as the leader of the Historic Montgomery, Ala[bama] Bus boycott, the architect of 1963's and historic [illegible] of Discontent and the symbol of the nonviolent revolution in America. You already know that is a result of this temendous impact upon the mind and though of America in 1963. Time magazine named him Man of the Year What you may not know is that history may name him man of our century. for in a centrury scarred by histoires most devastating wars, torn by histories deepest sycisms away men and threatened by the prescen of implements of war that could [illegible ]life forever then this globe, has risen like a star of hope upon the horizon of men's [illegible] future. If man lives to write history of the []. one man's [] will be display etched in its fabric owe man who his emerged out of the axiety and despair of our nuclear age to point the way to the resolution of our internatural []. One [] his [] the teachings of jeasus, and the practical techniques of a Ghandi into a creative instrument for achieving peace without violence. One man's influence has [illegible] the streets of America the purity ground for the world's only hope of survival of our time. Creative nonviolence. One man has changed guides from dungeon's of despair to havens of peace [Insert bottom margin: one man's life] [Insert bottom margin: that men]
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