Introduction of Senator Edward M. Kennedy



Dr. King introduces Senator Edward M. Kennedy at a SCLC banquet and highlights his accomplishments.

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Monday, August 8, 1966
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[Page 1] [Inserted text in left margin: SCLC [Southern Christian Leadership Conference] con] [Crossed out: Young man] [Inserted text: 2nd paragraph 1st sentence above 'young man': Statesman] [Page 2] [Crossed out: 1st paragraph 2nd sentence: Edward J. McCormack, the son of the house speaker, John McCormack.] [Page 3] [Inserted text: 1st paragraph 1st sentence inserted above 'but a man': as] [Inserted text: With moving eloquence and a passionate plea, he talked of the moral dimension of civil rights.] [Page 4] [Inserted text: 2nd paragraph 1st sentence above 'is a honor': a personal pleasure and a great] [Crossed out: a] [Inserted text: 2nd paragraph 1st sentence above 'the junior senator of Massachusetts,': a truly great American, a genuine humanitarian,] [Crossed out: the junior senator of Massachusetts] [Inserted text: 2nd paragraph 2nd sentence after 'senator from': the state of]
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