J.H. Emms to MLK


J.H. Emms offers his approval and support to Dr. King regarding his position on Civil Rights and the Vietnam problem, which were expressed at speeches in Los Angeles and New York.

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J.H. Emms to MLK
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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. [Junior] Ebenezer Baptist Church Atlanta, Georgia June 6 Dear Dr. King: I have recently had the opportunity to read your Los Angeles and New York speeches in which you clearly state your position on the Vietnam problem. Prior to this your stand on civil rights has likewise been publicized for all to know about. By this note and contribution (perhaps to your SCLC [Southern Christian Leadership Conference] I wish to express my support and appreciation for your tireless efforts in both of the above areas. Let us hope in time these efforts will be more fully appreciated by every one, including people in high government positions. Sincerely yours [Closing signature: J.H. Emms]
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