John Cowles Views on Asia



Dr. King records the views of John Cowles, chairman of Look magazine and president of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Cowles stated that the US is losing its grip on "the minds of men" worldwide, thanks in part to the US' inability to express sympathy for the Asian community after World War II.

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John Cowles Views on Asia
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[Page 1] [Inserted in Margin: Asia] John Cowles, president of the Minneapolis. Stat and Tribune and chairman of Look magazine's board, returned [Crossed Out: to] from a trip around the world warning that the United States is losing the struggle for the minds of men. He says in Oct[ober] 9 (1951) issue of Look that our basic mistake in foreign policy "was that when World War II ended we [Page 2] did not publicly proclaim our sympathies lay with Asians and that the United States was as desirous of seeing an end to European colonialism and exploitation as were the Asians themselves."
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