Dr. King quotes Albrecht Ritschl as he discusses the concept of justification and its relationship to sin, guilt and salvation.

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[Page 1] [Underlined: Justification] Ritschl "Justification or the forgiveness of sins, as the religions expression of that operation of God upon [Crossed Out: which] men which is fundamental in Christianity, is the acceptance of sinners into the fellowship with God in which their salvation is to be realized and carried out into eternal life." "Justification is conceivable as the removed of guilt and the consciousness of [Page 2] guilt, in so far as in the letter that contradiction to God which is realized in sin and expressed in guilt, works on as mistrust, and brings about moral separation from God." "In so far as justification is viewed as effective, it must be conceived as reconciliation, of such a nature that while memory, indeed, preserves the pain felt [Page 3] at the sin which has been committed. Yet at the same time the place of mistrust toward God is taken by the positive assent of the will to God and His serving purpose."
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