L. A. Dotson Attempts to Speak with MLK


L. A. Dotson has made several attempts to speak with Dr. King on a personal matter. Unfortunately, Dr. King has not responded. L. A. Dotson forwards contact information to Dr. King and has taken residence at the Regency Hyatt room 226.

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L. A. Dotson Attempts to Speak with MLK
Saturday, August 19, 1967
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Aug. 19, 1967 Dear Dr. King. It is urgent that I talk to you concerning a very personal matter. I have tried to contact you several times but it was impossible. I realize how busy you are at this time, and this will only take a min. of your time. I can be reached at the Regency-Hyatt, Room 226 until Sunday 2 o'clock p.m. Please try to reach me Saturday if possible. Very truly yours, Miss [Mrs?] L. A. Dotson
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