Law Suit Against Wrens Nest


This letter from Mrs. A. L. Wilkinson to a lawyer, is urging this person to help a man to win his case against tha Association responsible for keeping Negroes from entering the Wren's Nest in Atlanta.

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Law Suit Against Wrens Nest
Wednesday, October 11, 1967
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[Stamped in red ink: OCT[OBER] 12 1967 [At top of page: Atlanta, GA[Georgia] Oct[ober] 11 th , 1967] Dear Sir, I notice[ed] in the Atlanta papers where Negros are not permitted to enter the Wrens Nest, the home of Joel Chandler Harris, whose stories are all based on the Negro man of Eatonton, GA[Georgia]. For the life of me I cannot understand why the Uncle Remus Memorial Association or rather the Joel Chandler Harris Memorial Ass.[Association] will not let Negroes enter the Wrens Nest. I noticed where a negro[Negro] man is sueing[suing] the Association because he was denied admittance to the Home. I understand that you are a lawyer and I feel that it is your duty to help him win his case. There would never have been a [underlined : Wrens Nest] if it had not been for the negro at Eatonton, GA[ Georgia] telling Mr. Harris those tales about the [underlined : creatures] Bre Rabbit and Bre Fox ect.[et cetera]. Please help him win this case. Very truly, Mrs.[Missus] A.J. Wilkerson
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