Letter from Addele Dunn to MLK


Mrs. Dunn writes Dr. King describing her living conditions in the south side of Chicago. Dr. King is currently in Chicago advocating for the citizens of the city.

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Letter from Addele Dunn to MLK
Sunday, January 30, 1966
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[Top Left Margin: Underlined: Help] [Red Stamp: Feb[ruary] 7 1966 Mrs [Addele] Dunn 5003 So. Calumet Ave Chicago Illinois Jan[uary]/30/1966 Dear Dr. King, I have been an admirer of yours for some time now and do believe in what you and all the strong civil rights leaders are doing to our people. I have read in the papers were [where] you were in Chicago to try and help up here. We really need some one like you here. But it seems you are giving all your attention to the west side. We have the very same problems. To note a few. I have to [go] to the health dept [department]. They have done nothing. Building [crossed out: building] inspectors have been here and noted violations. But have done nothing. We have no windows in the front room or back rooms no toilet sit [seat] on the toilet water stands on the floors. We have no heat. We have our gas stove for heat. Water back's in the kitchen I have six children and this land lord I rent from won't fix nothing. There is no glass in the door I pay, 105. 12 a month an other information you need just [call] me at this number 373-0090.. This landlord is C. [MS: Illegible] Sincerely [Closing Signature: Mrs. [Addele Dunn]
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