Letter from Alex Pascal to MLK


Mr. Pascal states that the American people are ignorant to the facts of Vietnam. He praises a recent speech by Dr. King on the subject, and he requests a copy of it.

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Letter from Alex Pascal to MLK
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[Stamped in red ink in top right hand margin: APR[IL} 11 1967 Alex Pascal 17203 Buena Vista Ave. Sonoma, Calif. 95476 Dr. Martin Luther King, Sir: The American people are abysmally ignorant of the real facts of the American aggression against the people of Vietnam. They are deceived by this administration and confused by the inaccurate, slanted and biased presentation of the news by all the news media. Your speech explained in detail all the fact[inserted:s] that led this Country in the most illegal, immoral and barbarous intervention in the internal affairs of another nation. I would like to buy a few copies of your speech if possible. Thank you very much Alex Pascal Enclosed a post card for you convenience.
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