Letter from Alice Parham to MLK


Ms. Palhom writes to Dr. King requesting an autograph and personal information about him for her government class.

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Letter from Alice Parham to MLK
Tuesday, January 30, 1968
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Rosete 1, Box159-A Petersbury Virginia January 30, 1968 Dear Doctor King, I'm a Senior in high school and each of the students in my goverment class had to choose their favorite admirer and make a report on them for "Negro History Week". You are my subject and I was hoping that I could a get an autographed photograph of you. Along with this I would like some information about your life and to why you decided to become a freedom preacher. I believe that I already know the answer to this but still I would like to be sure. My report may be a late and but I want it to be the best and from reporting on a man as great as you I know that this should be no problem. I myself thank you personally for your time. Sincerely, Miss Alice Palhom
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