Letter from Alma Weil to MLK


Alma Weil expresses deep intolerance for prejudice and further discloses a desire to support Dr. King's efforts.

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Letter from Alma Weil to MLK
Thursday, August 11, 1966
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Aug[ust] 11 1966 Rev[erend] Martin Luther King Jr My dear Dr. King, Some 65 years ago, when I was a child of 12 Mr. Booker T. Washington was our board guest at our home in Colorado Springs, Colo[rado]. We had the privilege to meet many people of every creed, nationality- etc and I have only one very real very deep prejudice. That is against [Underlined: all] prejudice I find myself so angry with prejudiced people that I have no patience or understanding. My many Negro friends say I am more upset than they are but I feel so frustrated because of my old age and bad sight I can do so little. If I only could at least send you a [Underlined: big] check (it would only [MS: illegible]. Your wonderful letter has helped and I will see that others read it too. God Bless you Sincerely (TTTm?) [Closing Signature: Aleve Eberiel Weil??] P. S. I'm Jewish and white!
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