Letter from Anne Jewett to MLK


In this letter dated May 5, 1967, Jewett informs King of her song. Let There Be Peace. Jewett believes that this simple song is what churches and peace marchers need, so that they can be heard. She has given the song to King in hopes that the people everywhere will be able to sing out.

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Letter from Anne Jewett to MLK
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[Red Stamp: Top Center Margin: May 5 1967] 1023 Fare Island Avenue Bay Shore, Long Island, New York Dear Dr. King, It seems to me that what the peace marchers need and what the churches throughout the land need more than anything else is a good straight forward simple song that they can sing out loud and clear. So Shave written such a song called "Let There Be Peace." If the choirs of all the churches sing it, if the congregation joins in, then soon the people everywhere will be able to sing out their feelings, and perhaps their voices will be heard where it matters. It is worth a try. The song is yours to do with what you can, and believe me there is no charge, I only hope and pray that it can hasten the end of the war- even if only by a day. The peace marchers, incidentally, need a band and a song to sing -- they are too quiet. Most respectfully yours, [Closing Signature: Anne Jewett]
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