Letter from Annie Grace to MLK



Thirteen-year-old Annie G. Miller expresses her admiration for Dr. King.

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Letter from Annie Grace to MLK
Thursday, August 17, 1967
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[Stamp in Red: Received AUG[ust] 22 1967] Page #1 240 Geneva Ave[nue] Boston, Mass[achusetts] 02121 August 17, 1967 Dear Dr. Martin L[uther] King, I hope I am not taking up your time. But I had to write and tell you what I think. You are a great admiration to me. You inspire me to do a lot of things. In other words you're my idle [idol]. I want to be just like you. I like you so well first; because of the books I've read about, also because of the books you wrote. Second; because you're very religious. I like to learne [learn] about, God. I am a secondary school teacher of the jr.[junior] class, also a jr. [junior] Missionary and the president of the jr. [junior] choir at New Friendship Baptize [Baptist] Church. So you see I have a strong want to lead my people, as you do. Third; because of your education. [Inserted Text: End of Document: Roman Numeral I] Page # 2 Forgive me for not introducing myself. My name is Annie Grace Miller, age 13, grade 7. I belong to a family of six. I have a sister name Katherine 11, two brothers Leon 9, Prentice 8. and also my father + [and] mother Mr.[Mister] + [and] Mrs.[Misses] Miller. These riots that have taken affect I don't agree with them. But I don't disagree. But I believe nothing can be ganged [changed] by burning and stealing. Dr. [Doctor] King please write back and tell me if you think i have a chance. Yours sincerely, [Closing Signature: Miss Annie G. Miller]
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