Letter from Anonymous to MLK



The author of this letter expresses their concern about poverty across the United States and offers suggestions for Negros to build their own communities.

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Letter from Anonymous to MLK
Monday, February 5, 1968
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[Blue Received Stamp: Feb [February] 6 1968] Feb [February] 5 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Atlanta, GA [Georgia] 30300 Dear Sir, Although I happen to be of the white race, I've admired your peaceful leadership while striving for the rights of colored people and the country! Many white people suffer similar problems of the negro. Poverty is a battle far all over. If I had my life to live over, knowing as I do now, things would be different. I know what it means to be isolated and poor yet I have enjoyed the pleasure of popularity and success at times. My sympathy far the gathered in strong. To improve things, even oneself, we must start right where we are. Nothing is entirely hopeless, even though we search the brink of despair many times. It is easy to visualize the plight of the needy in broken dawn shanties across the country! I remember driving through one suck place in Luther, Oklahoma Yet in spite of all the run -down Shanties, there was a picture [que?] beauty in the natural scenery no landscape artist could beat. [Page 2] I am suggesting an answer to this problem which lies with all of us in America. That is to consider how fortunate we are to have a small piece of land to hold a broken-down shanty. Those who sent such things should be compelled to improve them or tear them down and those who over them can remodel and rebuild, on a "do-it yourself" plan far cigarette money almost. The bat should be cleared and the shanty torn down unless it has prospects that can be adequately improved upon. Negro communities with a little financial aid from the NAACP and other organizations could contribute labor and materials through financial pools far such a purpose. Many people are building lake cottages from small portable buildings 12X24 can be converted into lovely small homes with the use of 4X8 ply[]board that can be used to build in furniture, shelves, cabinets, closets, "trailer house" style. Small homes like this are beautiful in modern contemporary, or even Maple, "Early Americans" styles. Shanties can be remolded and rebuilt or used far binding. [Page 3] I'm suggesting that you use your talents on a more constructive basis to inspire the Negroes to improve their own property and to cooperate with one another in rebuilding their own communities with some financial backing from the NAACP and other on going atone who will contribute and cooperate. It seems a shame to waste all your time and man-power in your "squat sessions" when the whole country his help are you to be improved upon with far less effort. How happy your people could be working together using local talent, even having performance advisers to rebuild your own communities. These march- ins are expensive and that money could be used to tear down many shanties and improve others across the country! Why not suggest such a project to your people and watch its success. Projects could be set up across the country, or a negro supervisory crew could gradually make a tour to start such projects across the country I like this idea don't you? [Page 4] I once around my home, but don't now, and all I do is plan a small cottage, with a garden plot, on a lack, even plan the furniture that could be easily made from ply[]board. A l[livon?] could be made on a shelf with attached lamp tables. Cushions could be covered with velvet, or carduray from foam sheet pure hazed anywhere. Head boards far beds are easily built in, with adjacent shelves, cabinets, desks, closets. Tables on hinges in a sheltered section is attractive. Fireplaces are attractive and useful some can he purchased, cone-shaped and placed on patio blacks. A little creativity and ingenuity can work wonders. You'll be surprised how much can be done with all your influences when all this man-power, cooperation, and energy is entailed to better advantage than sit-ins, why not try this community NAACP etc. building "Do-it yourself" with assistance projects and watch the results. Everyone would be happier and it would greatly solve most of the negro, shanty problem. Sincerely, Closing Signature: A Sympathize]
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