Letter from Arthur LeSueur to MLK


Arthur LeSueur, a War World II veteran, expresses his support of Dr. King's endeavors to gain equality in America. He hopes that Dr. King will not be discouraged by the great injustices he has faced and will continue to hold strong to his position.

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Letter from Arthur LeSueur to MLK
Friday, May 12, 1967
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5/12/67 Dr. Martin Luther King Dear Dr. King: As a former WASP & now only a WAS; and a veteran of 104 missions over the "Hump" I wish to applaud the wisdom and courage of your position. How can we right only body of wrong in the world while simultaneously carrying on an equally horrendous act? You have my support I hope you will not become discouraged. Remember that Christ also suffered great injustice and un-popularity. Such is the smallness of men. Respectfully, Arthur LeSueur
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