Letter from Betty to Mrs. King



Betty writes Mrs. King to check on their children and to wish them the best.

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Letter from Betty to Mrs. King
Monday, January 16, 1967
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[Top of page: File] 248 Brassell St.[Street] Montgomery, Ala. [bama] January 16, 1967 Dearest Mrs. [Misses] King; How are you and the family getting alone [along]? Fine we really do hope, as this leaves us feeling fine today. How was your xmas [Christmas]? Kiss each of the children for me and tell them I really enjoyed seeing them, they seemed so polite and well behaved and to see Marty [Martin] and Yoki [Yolanda] how grown up they act makes me feel proud. Bunny [Bernice] is a little doll and Dexter is so outspoken he makes one [crossed out text: you] feel like he always known him. I am sorry Reggie seemed so busy, but football he is so attached to and he is bashful [Page 2] too. But we are almost about to get him out of that. He is really thrilled over his shoes and coat and they fit nicely, only the coat needed heming [hemming] and I did that. What are you doing these cold days; I know you must be quite busy. I still don?t have a job but hope to soon. Since school has been out I practice my typing and its improved a lot. Here I go again I need some stocking againg if you have some. And tell Mrs. [musses] Alberta and Christine to send me some [underlined: change] and to write me and send me their address. Mattie sends her love to you all. And pray for me. [Handwritten signature: Love Betty]
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