Letter from C. M. Johnson to MLK


Mrs. Johnson requests Dr. King's help in reinstating Congressman Adam Clayton Powell.

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Letter from C. M. Johnson to MLK
Monday, April 17, 1967
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April 17, 1967 [Stamp in Red Ink: APR[il] 19 1967] Dear Mr. King: The news media is daily printing parallels between Adam [Underlined: Powell] and other members of Congress. They are printing out the double standard used in the Dodd- Powell cases. I even get the implication that you could best serve your race by leading the fight to knock down the double standard used in Congress and get Powell back in his seat in Congress. Mr. King I beg you to take the lead in keeping our years of seniority in Congress invested in Mr. Powell. I believe in doing this you would have the backing of all the fair-minded, better thinking American people! Sincerely, [Closing Signature: Mrs C. M. Johnson]
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