Letter from Charles C. Holbrock, Jr. to MLK


Charles C. Holbrock, Jr. reminds Dr. King that he has written him last November for information for a term paper.

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Friday, March 22, 1968
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[Stamp in blue ink received: Apr[il] 1, 1960] March 22, 1968 S.C.L.C.[Southern Christian Leadership Conference] - S.C.L [Southern Christian Leadership] Foundation Rev. [Reverend] Martin Luther King Jr.[Junior] 332 Auburn Avenue, N.E [North East] Atlanta, Ga {Georgia] 30303 Dear Mr.[Mister] King, Last November I wrote you for information for a term paper. I was working on. I sent a dollar for mailing costs [Underlined: only]. I'm sorry for any misunderstanding, but I am not one of your supporters. I believe in the due process of law for all people. Sincerely, Charles C. Hollobrock Jr. [Junior]
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