Letter from Charles Henry to Ralph David Abernathy


Mr. Henry chastises Rev. Abernathy for an adverse comment he made towards White people. As a negro, he urges that the only way to get White people to stop name calling names is for Negroes to do the same.

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Letter from Charles Henry to Ralph David Abernathy
Tuesday, April 30, 1968
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[Stamped in blue ink: MAY 3 1968] [Top right hand margin: Washington. D.C. [District of Columbia] April 30, 1968] Rev [erend] Ralph Abernathy Dear Sir: I read in todays Washington Daily news where you made a statement, Quote: ? we accomplished our purpose? Which is to shake up the do nothing Honkies in Government.? Now this I would expect from Stokley Carmichael, but not from you sir. It certainly belittles you to refer to White people in such a derogatory manner. I certainly can?t see how you expect to gain the good will and help of the majority group by such tactics. We Negroes cry to high Heaven when white people refer to us as niggers so how can we expect them to stop referring to us in derogatory terms if we start referring to them in such a manner. I am for the Poor Peoples March, but I hope it will [be] conducted in an intelligent and dignified manner. [Handwritten signature: Charles Henry]
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