Letter from Cleonia and Frank to MLK


Cleonia and Frank, of Montgomery, Alabama, convey their support to Dr. King and the civil rights movement.

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Letter from Cleonia and Frank to MLK
Tuesday, February 23, 1960
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1013 Carterhill Rd. Montgomery 6, Ala. [Alabama?] February 23, 1960 Dear Friends, We deplore the tactics being used to persecute you, but if it can be of any consolation, we want you to know that there is no doubt in our minds about your innocence. I am reminded of what you have said so often about our beating them down with our capacity to suffer. You are certainly having your share of it and I know that God will continue to give you the strength for endurance. We had mixed emotions about your leaving us. Sorry, because we need you and glad because you needed nest [rest?] from your many duties and responsibilities here. I know every thing is going to be alright. Love to all Cleonia and Frank
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