Letter of Condolence from Anny Elston


73 year old widow Amy Elston, who makes contributions sparingly to the SCLC, is deeply impacted in her philanthropy in the wake of Dr. King's death and decides to send this letter, along with a contribution, to the SCLC to show her support in the advancement of the actualization of Dr. King's dreams.

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Letter of Condolence from Anny Elston
Saturday, April 6, 1968
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[Stamp in blue ink: May 2, 1968] [Inserted text in right margin: 4-6-[19]68] As a 73 yr. [year] old widow I have to cut down considerably on my contri-butions. But I am so deeply shocked and grieved by Dr. Martin Luther King's death that I am sending you the enclosed check to support the work he started. I hope and pray that you will continue to follow his ideas and make his dreams come true. Amy Elston.
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