Letter From Donald A. DiNuccio to MLK



Sixteen-year-old Donald DiNuccio writes Dr. King expressing his opinion on the "racial problem" and extends his support.

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Letter From Donald A. DiNuccio to MLK
Monday, January 22, 1968
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Jan[uary] 22, 1968 [Stamp in black ink: Received February 14, 1968] Dear Dr. King, I would first of all like to explain just who I am. I am a 16 year old white high school student attending a private Catholic all-male school. For a religion assigment we were distributed and told to read your booklet [Underlined: "Chaos or Community"] after which we conducted a discussion. To me, as an individual, your booklet was one of the greatest articles I have read simply because of its realistic and completely honest approach. I have formed my own opinion of the racial problem. I think the main problem lies in the Negroes attitudes which very simply stems from their enviroment. To "nip it in the bud" I think if the Negro was to move gradually up and out of the ghettos his entire outlook would be optimistic. This, I hope is the right idea. When I had first learned of you, I thought you were just another "stupid Black Communist." But now sir, I apologize to you and in turn, I salute you as a man dedicated to a difficult task. Good luck in the future of you and your cause and let me say, I'm on your side. Sincerly [Sincerely], [Closing Signature: Donald A. DiNuccio]
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