Letter from Donell Taylor to MLK


The author of this document writes to Dr. King offering support to the continued fight for civil rights. The author states Dr. King "can't fail for God is [his] commanding general."

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Letter from Donell Taylor to MLK
Tuesday, February 8, 1966
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Chicago, Ill[inois] Feb[ruary] 8, 1966 Dr. King You're doing a very heroic job. No man can achieve such goal unless God is the commanding General. My age is thiety [thirty] four. At the age of six or eight I sincerely believe I walk and talk to a heavenly visitor. My visitor talk of many things. He also call your name. And replyed [replied] "first American must clear its' own back yard." I transfer this imformation [information] to you and said, you can't fail because God is your commanding general. Yours in Christ forever, [Closing Signature: Donell Taylor?]
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