Letter from Dora Byron to MLK


Dora Byron wrote this letter to Dr. King inviting him to participate in a television program at Emory University.

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Letter from Dora Byron to MLK
Tuesday, February 25, 1964
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[Written text in top left margin: Invitation] [Stamped in red ink: Feb[uary] 26 1964] [Written text in top middle: send bio-SCLC material] [Written text in middle: 2:30] [Underlined: Profile] [Underlined: March19] [Underlined: April 9] [Underlined: Time][MS: illegible][Text in bottom left margin: half [illegible] articles] [Text in bottom middle margin: April 3 appt[appointment]] [Text in bottom right margin: Apr[il] 9 Taping]
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