Letter from Doris Everett to MLK



Ms. Everett expresses appreciation to Dr. King for leading a successful boycott in Montgomery, Alabama and for his contributions to help Negros obtain equality.

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Letter from Doris Everett to MLK
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[Page 1] [Stamped in blue ink: FEB[uary] 19 1968 Maggie L. Walker High School 1000 North Lombardy Street Richmond, Virginia 23220 Dear Dr. King, During this observance of Negro History Week, I wish to congratulate you for your contribution to the Negro's drive for equality. Because of your part in leading a successful boycott of city buses in Montgomery, Alabama, officials declared an end to segregation on December 20, 1956. You have continued to preach the gospel of love [Page 2] and non-violence, instead of hatred and violence. Dr. King I wish to express my respect and appreciation for what you are doing, and may you continue to win victories for equality, with your approach. Sincerely yours, Doris Everett
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