Letter from The Downtown Charity Club to MLK


The Downtown Charity Club wishes to accompany Dr. King from the Baltimore headquarters for the Poor People's Campaign in Washington, D.C.

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Letter from The Downtown Charity Club to MLK
Tuesday, February 6, 1968
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3606 Springdale Ave. Baltmore, Md.[Maryland] 21216 February 6, 1968 Rev. Martin Luther King Box 9111 Atlanta, Georgia Dear Rev. King; We've learned that you plan to be in Baltimore, Md. [Maryland] sometime in March in reference to your march on Washington in April. Please inform us of the you intend to march. We are very interested in what you are doing and would like to know in time so we can have a group to go with you. We will have our own buses but would like to leave from the headquarters with you. Hoping to receive an immediate reply, we remain. Yours truly, "The Downton Charity Club" Mildred Jones (President) Mary E. Smith (Bus. Mgr.)
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