Letter from Dr. Herzl Ragins to MLK


Dr. Herzl Ragins writes to Dr. King, denouncing him because of his support for Adam Clayton Powell.

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Letter from Dr. Herzl Ragins to MLK
Wednesday, March 1, 1967
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[Stamp in Red Ink: MAR[ch] 6 1967] [Inserted in Right Margin: March: 1967] Rev[erend] Martin Luther King Jr 332 Auburn Avenue N. E. Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Dear Dr. King: We have consistently supported the civil rights movement (including S. C. L. C.) both financially and emotionally. We will continue to give our maximum to this very necessary movement wherever we find rational people making a sincere effort. No one will deny the tremendous contributions made by [Encircled: Adam Clayton Powell] to the Negro cause. However, in our minds, this does not condone his recent irresponsible activities. Your acceptance of his anarchy has removed our trust in you. We shall look elsewhere for the voice of reason in the Negro's struggle for equality. Sincerely, [Closing Signature: H Ragins Md?]
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