Letter from E. Cowles Andrus to MLK


Mrs. Cowles Andrus commends Dr. King a speech made in Washington. Having donated in the past, Mrs. Cowley Andrus was so impressed and inspired by the speech that she increased her contribution with hope it would be of great benefit.

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Letter from E. Cowles Andrus to MLK
Friday, August 18, 1967
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Jasper Park Lodge Jasper National Park, Alberta August 18th, 1967 Dear Dr. King, We have supported the S.C.L.C. which you head, befor (sp). But after hearing your magnificent voice and stirring speach on the International Platform Assn meetings in Wash., and your obvious desire to bring all Americans Together rather than to segragate them in reverse as some do, we want to thank you, to say we were tremendously impressed and are enclosing this increased contribution, knowing it will serve a good cause with exceptional leadership. Very sincerely yours, Miriam (sp) JW. Audrus
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