Letter from E. M. to MLK



E.M. writes Dr. King to share his opinion concerning future demonstrations.

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Letter from E. M. to MLK
Monday, December 4, 1967
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[Page 1] [Inserted in top margin: Dec[ember] 4, 1967} Dear Mr King: I have learned that you with other leaders of your people are planning massive civil disobedience demonstration next year. This sends chills down my spine when I think that it could happen in the city where I live. I haven't yet heard you tell the people who live in the slums that they also have a very definite part to play in ridding our cities of these filty ghettoes. What good does it do for the landlords to spend even one cent to make their building a better place to live if the occupants tear down any [Page 2] improvements made & litter the streets & hallways with trash. I must insist that the civil rights program would advance much more quickly if the colored people acted with a little more dignity to gain the respect they demand. You are supposed to be a minister of the Gospel. Where in the Bible can you find an excuse for your actions? Jesus certainly taught no violence on our part in this world. You say you stress non-violence means-well if those means only result in law-breaking, death, and other things that accompany the demonstrations, then I pay you will be held accountable. How can you call yourself "Reverend" and not teach the things Jesus taught? [Inserted in bottom margin: over] [Page 3] Please, please, let's not have any more demonstrations like those in the past. Can't you see they only give the "Black Power" leasers and the Communists a chance to infiltrate deeper. Yours truly, [closing signature: E. M.] E.M
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