Letter from E.E. Adams to MLK


E. E. Adams relates his thoughts about the constitutionality of urban renewal.

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Letter from E.E. Adams to MLK
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Dr. Martin Luther King May 1, 1967 [Stamp in red ink] Dear Sir: Did you know that Urban Renewal [Underlined: Urban Renewal] in unconstitutional? Check on this to prove yourself. Then broadcast it. Here?s a suggestion that may help your cause. Advertise in the newspapers for victims of any unusual, or unfair treatment or dealings by persons in power. Tape their stories, file them. Have an office set up (of volunteers or pay). You?d get some horrible stories of police brutality, etc. Truth is stranger than fiction! Persons who have been wrongfully been victimized by ones in power, are terribly anxious to tell their stories! [Underlined: anxious to tell their stories]. Get some clever trustworthy investigators to bug the phone of officials, judges, politicians, etc. (who in turn like the IRS are always bugging yours plenty). All is fair in love [Crossed out: love] and war. (I?m white). E.E. Adams Stanford, California
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