Letter from Eileen Coyne to Mrs. King


Second grader Eileen Coyne sends condolences to the King family. She and her classmates were instructed to write letters to Mrs. King to express their feelings following Dr. King's assassination. This document is a part of a collection of sixteen letters from this Bronx, New York classroom.

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Letter from Eileen Coyne to Mrs. King
Friday, April 5, 1968
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Eileen Coyne April5, 1968 Dear Mrs. King [Erased: king] I am sorry that your [Erased: I am sohrry] husband died. I hope you will [be] feeling better. I know that you are sad. I will like to met Mrs. King. I hope we are not mading [making] you sad. I hope your children are aright [alright]. I am sad to. Love Eileen Coyne
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