Letter from Ernestine Lee to MLK


A fourteen-year-old child, inspired by Dr. King's speeches, sends a small contribution and a prayer to the King family.

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Letter from Ernestine Lee to MLK
Thursday, December 7, 1967
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[Inserted text in top right margin: 11-7-[19]67] Dear Dr. King I know this is probably the smallest contribution [Crossed out: MS: illegible] you have so far received. But its small only because I?am [I am] a child of fourteen but I had to send something. Along with this contribution comes a prayer that God will bless and keep your wife and children. Also every member of this organization. And if [Crossed out: chir] Christ is willing you will continue to receive my contribution, I?d like to contribute more tho [though] I?am [I am] going to also donate to the ?Save the Children Federation? I listen to your speeches nearly every Sunday and I pray for this organization to continue. Now I?d like for you to pray a prayer for me, that God will bless me so I can continue to contribute. I do believe you will pray for me. Thany [Thank] You Sincerely Ernestine Lee
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