Letter from Ethel Harvey to MLK


Ethel Harvey writes to Dr. King regarding her desire to support the Civil Rights Movement. She then expresses her ideas towards resolving tension between whites and black relations.

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Letter from Ethel Harvey to MLK
Tuesday, February 6, 1968
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65 East 50th Chicago, Illinois February 8, 1968 Dear Dr. King, I am writing this letter in order to comment on the work you have done for the negroes and the work you are doing now. I think you have done a good job in all of your work. I know that I am too young to do any active movement regarding the problem of equal rights but if I was old enough, I would do as much as I could. First of all if both white and black work together to solve the problem [,] a decision is bound to come. And also be sure that both races agree on the final decision. This is all I have to say, except that you will be as successful in the future as you were in the past. Sincerely yours, Ethel Harvey P.S. ? Please write back!
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